Just another day

One of the better days I’ve had all summer long. I can potentially become a contributing writer to a medtech blog (and get paid to do it), network with doctors and professionals, my research is going well and on the way, was told that I have a lot of potential by my postdoc, I’m going to be able to meet two UCSF professors next week, hopefully help with outreach in The Kidney Project, going to boardwalk this weekend, got a new road bike, did a bit above average on my past midterm, and listening to kpop and watching grey’s. It can’t get any better than this. (:


cute matching outfits for you and the bae

Grey’s Anatomy is getting a little bit depressing…but ugh life is short. Make the best out of each and everyday. A long bright new day tomorrow! Good night lovely people. <3


A lung that is being filled with air. ❤️
I had too much fun with this, I think the stress is getting to me. 😭 Feeling exceptionally asian today. Kawaii desu ne. Time for my midterm, cry. #itsme